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Speech and Debate: Rhetoric grades 9-12, year long 
Course covers the rhetorical subjects of speech and debate, long recognized to bring together and put into practice all the academic skills your student has been working to achieve up to this point.  Units include impromptu, extemporaneous and  introductory theory in argumentation with class competition in parliamentary style debate.  Class materials will be provided

Personal Finance and Economics: grades 9th-12th, semester each
Personal Finance teaches students how to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about important aspects of personal finance, such as earning income, spending, saving, borrowing, investing, and managing money. Economic concepts form the foundation of all lessons, providing students with a decision-making framework for the real world. 
Economics explores the key elements and principles of economic theory, and examines the choices that individuals, businesses and governments make.  This course includes micro and macro economic topics including markets, supply and demand, business and labor, money, banking and finance, measuring economic performance, and government role in the economy.

Speech Smarts:  Logic grades 7-8, year long
Class time will be spent in actively learning communication skills and preparing speeches. Students will learn 3-4 different types of speeches throughout the year: impromptu, original oratory, interpretive and broadcasting. The final class for each unit will be student presentations.  Class materials will be provided. 

Oral Presentations: Grammar grades 3-6, year long
The focus of this class is to practice and strengthen memorization skills and oral recitation through the use of poetry, original speeches, dramatic interpretation, and classic speeches.  Etiquette such as introductions and conversation starters will be incorporated through skits, and group communication games. The final class for each unit will be student presentations. Class materials will be provided.