Auburn Speech and Debate Club
  Auburn Speech and Debate Club

 2016-2017 Season
Participating in Stoa Speech and Debate League

Serving Private Christian Homeschool Students

Contact Information:


Club and Debate Director: Elise Pope

Speech Director: Anne Weiland

Meeting Times:  Fall: Mondays 12:30-2:30pm

                                  Starting August 29, 2016

Meeting Location: Calvary Chapel School, 202 Dairy Rd, Auburn CA
                              Room 9 near the gym

Club fees : $225 per student for the year 

Stoa Purpose Statement: To train Christian, homeschooled youth in speech and debate, in order to better communicate a Biblical world view.

Auburn Debate Club: We teach students the fundamentals of competitive debate and provide coaching and debate practice. Parents eventually catch on, too.

Auburn Speech Club: We teach students to artfully prepare and deliver competitive speeches, and we provide training and support for parents so that they can effectively coach their students at home.